Who this site is for?


 -This site is for everyone who likes creative work. It is recommended to children, parents and grandpas: in short, the whole family. It is further recommended to communities, friends, schools, workshops and indoor playhouses.

-It is recommended to people who have a business and intend to widen their clientele: to creative shop owners, carpenters and tool traders with a matching profile.


What DIY woodwork is good for?

-It is a useful pastime.

-It keeps the family, friends and people with common interest together. It develops a liking for creative work and wood, even for the fragrance of wood.

-It develops creativity and imagination. It teaches you to work accurately. It helps you relax; refreshes you the same way as relaxation does.

-It helps children with learning difficulties at school to find success in handicraft.

-Being able to create beautiful workpieces makes you proud.

-You can make your family or friends happy by giving them presents made by yourself.


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