A pyrograph is a very clever tool. It is similar to a soldering iron. With its heated tip you can burn beautiful patterns in the wood. It is available with tips of various types and designs, which you can use interchangeably depending on your work. There are thin and sharp tips which you can make small dots and narrow curving lines with; there are flat, wedge-shaped tips with which you can draw wider lines and flat round heads to make beautiful row patterns with.

Pyrograph with various tips

(Pyrograph with various tips)

Its use requires good manual skills that you can develop with some practice. Having the skills you can make beautiful unique decorations on the objects you have made. Before first using the pyrograph, experiment on a piece of wood.
Draw the pattern on the wood with a pencil. Choose the right tip for your work. Plug the pyrograph in an outlet and let it get hot in 3-4 minutes. Once it is hot, you can start work. Do the burning carefully in an airy place. Mind the danger of burning yourself! Always use the pyrograph on untreated wood surfaces only. If the wood has been treated, the hot steam of the oil or paint that the wood was treated with will diffuse among the wood fibres, producing very ugly outcomes. Mind your health by not inhaling the chemical smoke!
Get a taste of pyrography through the patterns below.

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