Classic adhesive bonding in the wood industry was done with animal glue. Due to its cumbersome nature, using animal glue has become obsolete by today. There are various kinds of very good quality glues available in trade. It does not matter which one you choose. One of my favourites is Pattex wood glue. This glue can be portioned very well. You can use both the ‘normal’ and the ‘water resistant’ versions very well.

Pattex glue

(Pattex glue)

Adhesive bonding has several advantages. You do not need drillings, you can join different materials and joining can be performed on the complete surface.
Correctly performed gluing ensures stronger bonding than wood fibres do.
Considering the above it is important to familiarise with the general steps of gluing techniques.
If gluing is performed properly, the glued surfaces fit together very well. After removing the dust from the surfaces to be glued, put on a thin layer of glue. If you put on too much glue, the bonding force will be weaker. Using a knife or a piece of wood, smear the glue evenly on both surfaces to be glued. Wait a little until the wood fibres soak up the glue to some extent. Then join up the surfaces and bond them. After bonding, check the angles of the structure and if they do not perfectly match, make the necessary adjustments. When gluing a box, you can check the right angles by checking the lengths of the two diagonals. If the two diagonals are of equal length, the right angles are surely perfect. In the case of a six-angle box, if the diagonals are of equal length, all its angles are sure to be the same.

Checking the diagonals of a box

(Checking the diagonals of a box)

Checking the diagonals of a six-angle box

(Checking the diagonals of a six-angle box)

Any excess glue that has run out should be wiped off. If possible, do not work in too cold or hot weather; the ideal temperature is between +10C° and +22C°. After the glue has dried, which usually takes 24 hours, you can sand or continue work on the workpiece. Read the safety instructions on the glue box and make sure to comply with them.

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